United Performance Auto Repair went from zero to a hero

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We would like to proudly announce the addition of United Performance Auto Repair of South San Francisco to the SFOM family as of November 2011. When we met with the owner Peter,  he already had a busy shop from referrals as he is well known for the outstanding work and customer service he provides. He had never advertised, as he didn’t see the need of it. BUT, he understands the importance of being online as consumer behavior is changing at a rapid pace. He hired us to build a website as well as take care of his overall online presence. Once we were finished building his online infrastructure, he agreed to give the web a shot by building a new clientele base that is looking for his auto repair service strictly from online. He hired us to manage his online marketing and since then we have been able to help United Performance Auto Repair increase the clientele base by at least 20%. We are happy for United Performance Auto Repair and Peter for such a great success and are happy that we are part of it. Check them out here: