Is yelp profile page sufficient enough to capture business online?

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San Francisco Online Marketing had the pleasure to help an old friend, Frank’s Moving Service to build a new website and online infrastructure.  Frank’s Moving Service is fortunate to have a great business which is built on existing clients that have written over 80 reviews on their yelp profile page. Frank wants to have accessible ways for his clients to reach him, so to accommodate his requests, we have built an online request form for potential customers to fill out and make it more convenient  to schedule their move. Here are the facts, not only Frank’s business increased from yelp orders, but also from his website. Look at these numbers, 131 visits in a month period came to the site from that didn’t exist before the website.  And here is the cool part…From a total of 243 visits, 138 people filled the form to request a quote in a month period. Frank was so happy that he referred us to another moving company in the area.

Thanks Frank!