Dental Practice

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One of the toughest industries to run a successful marketing campaign is a Dental practice.  A new client is worth an average of $820 per year to a Dentist. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal their name due to confidential agreement but you can always ask for a referral and we will be happy to share them with you. Here is the success story; We had the pleasure to work with an exciting dental office that is looking to add on new patients. We started with a face-lift of their website to equip with all the ingredients needed for a new visitor to be able to make their decision and pick up the phone to call the dental office. We created their local infrastructure on both Google maps and yelp. In addition, we also highly recommend DemandForce for all our Dental clients as DemandForce has proven great success on the ease of use in both CRM and online appointment management.

After the website was published, we started their online marketing campaign with the right geo-targeting and ran a appealing new client offer as a promotion. With the right budget which we also cannot reveal on here, we were able to have the advertisement on google CPC program at 1st position at all times. As a result, we were able to bring this Dental practice over 25 calls as we placed a tracking system to monitor the call volume. In the dental field, 25 calls and 2 new patients per month is a great success!