Facelift definitely worth it

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San Francisco Online Marketing took on a project of renovating a travel web blog by the name of Hotel California Blog (www.hotelcaliforniablog.com) and helping its growth by attracting local travel advertisers into it. Well, the renovation of the site had a huge impact on the interaction of its audience to it. Of course, the main attraction was the content on there. The Author Maryanne, is a great writer that brings the best facts to her web blog audience. With the help of reshaping the site and putting things in the write places, we immediatly saw more intractions from the audience and that led to more page views and longer time on the site. Which means for the advertisers is more impressions and more interactive audience to their advertised message. See below, snap shots of before/after of the Blog.


That’s right over 8,000 page views!