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Success Stories

Landscaping and Tree Services

2012-05-31 21:07:02 admin

San Francisco Online Marketing had the pleasure to work with Brothers Tree Services on retro-fitting their website and their information overall online. Within a month, Brothers Tree Services started showing on the first page of the search under, “Tree Care in Redwood City”.  We all know that no one can guarantee positioning in any organic section of any search results, but with the right information, it will always help and lead to great search visibility. We are glad that Brothers Tree Services is able to reach their potential clients thru online search. Below is a snap shot of their brand new website that was published in April 2012.

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Dental Practice

2012-04-26 23:23:10 admin

One of the toughest industries to run a successful marketing campaign is a Dental practice.  A new client is worth an average of $820 per year to a Dentist. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal their name due to confidential agreement but you can always ask for a referral and we will be happy to share them with you. Here is the success story; We had the pleasure to work with an exciting dental office that is looking to add on new patients. We started with a face-lift of their website to equip with all the ingredients needed for a new visitor to be able to make their decision and pick up the phone to call the dental office. We created their local infrastructure on both Google maps and yelp. In addition, we also highly recommend DemandForce for all our Dental clients as DemandForce has proven great success on the ease of use in both CRM and online appointment management.

After the website was published, we started their online marketing campaign with the right geo-targeting and ran a appealing new client offer as a promotion. With the right budget which we also cannot reveal on here, we were able to have the advertisement on google CPC program at 1st position at all times. As a result, we were able to bring this Dental practice over 25 calls as we placed a tracking system to monitor the call volume. In the dental field, 25 calls and 2 new patients per month is a great success!

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United Performance Auto Repair went from zero to a hero

2012-01-20 22:45:26 admin

We would like to proudly announce the addition of United Performance Auto Repair of South San Francisco to the SFOM family as of November 2011. When we met with the owner Peter,  he already had a busy shop from referrals as he is well known for the outstanding work and customer service he provides. He had never advertised, as he didn’t see the need of it. BUT, he understands the importance of being online as consumer behavior is changing at a rapid pace. He hired us to build a website as well as take care of his overall online presence. Once we were finished building his online infrastructure, he agreed to give the web a shot by building a new clientele base that is looking for his auto repair service strictly from online. He hired us to manage his online marketing and since then we have been able to help United Performance Auto Repair increase the clientele base by at least 20%. We are happy for United Performance Auto Repair and Peter for such a great success and are happy that we are part of it. Check them out here:

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Is yelp profile page sufficient enough to capture business online?

2011-12-14 00:16:13 admin

San Francisco Online Marketing had the pleasure to help an old friend, Frank’s Moving Service to build a new website and online infrastructure.  Frank’s Moving Service is fortunate to have a great business which is built on existing clients that have written over 80 reviews on their yelp profile page. Frank wants to have accessible ways for his clients to reach him, so to accommodate his requests, we have built an online request form for potential customers to fill out and make it more convenient  to schedule their move. Here are the facts, not only Frank’s business increased from yelp orders, but also from his website. Look at these numbers, 131 visits in a month period came to the site from yelp.com that didn’t exist before the website.  And here is the cool part…From a total of 243 visits, 138 people filled the form to request a quote in a month period. Frank was so happy that he referred us to another moving company in the area.

Thanks Frank!

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Facelift definitely worth it

2011-11-02 23:09:41 admin

San Francisco Online Marketing took on a project of renovating a travel web blog by the name of Hotel California Blog (www.hotelcaliforniablog.com) and helping its growth by attracting local travel advertisers into it. Well, the renovation of the site had a huge impact on the interaction of its audience to it. Of course, the main attraction was the content on there. The Author Maryanne, is a great writer that brings the best facts to her web blog audience. With the help of reshaping the site and putting things in the write places, we immediatly saw more intractions from the audience and that led to more page views and longer time on the site. Which means for the advertisers is more impressions and more interactive audience to their advertised message. See below, snap shots of before/after of the Blog.


That’s right over 8,000 page views!

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